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This is my blog while at the MSAAD program of the GSAPP of Columbia University. 1st post came with my arrival at NYC. e-mail: eb2283@columbia.edu, ezio@otn.gr, ezioblasetti@gmail.com 

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

5:40 PM - Ed Keller's notes on the handshake presentation

Folks: usually I take notes on reviews during the semester.
Here are my quick notes from yesterday. At some reviews I'll take notes on the
jury comments as well.

See you tomorrow for the completion of the review. Best

GSAP AAD summer 05 handshake project review session 1

Stephen 2.16

Biopower: regulation of life
keep density within an acceptable average
power to make live/life

how to define regulation of information flow to create global awareness.
What is awareness?

Conglomeration of different organizations.

deploy actionable observers
agents to infiltrate system.
how to create observers, engage them in society, what are implications?

weaving into sys of comm/transport infrastructures

how can combat of disease play a role in this?

example of adding capacity to an infrastructure will increase flow in system

delphinium example: general population being sampled for predictive capability

humanitarian orgs- collecting info and conveying it to public
creating info flow between tactical response teams

as the self becomes more aware of others, the self may become more aware of the self

inject system with evolutionary agents- unspecialized
and they promote awareness...

evolutionary agents diagram.

how regulators could interact across network- periphery, center, field
kind of meshwork model
decentralized model - how one point can manipulate an entire system

awareness of a range of criteria- position, intention, awareness of the awareness of others...

Control points - connexion to subway system
global scale operation ... the function of interface can be to seal itself off...
prevent flow in infrastructure of subway, creating a first care facility, for example.

Next step: work with diagram of information flow and work on it in 4D, see how it can determine
site engagement, specific program requirements.



DAVE: 2.50
pre_specialized unit
analogical to stem cell.

different network model, maybe closer to the net, decentralized
ecosystem with a lot of members, each may have hierarchical org and HQ
the new org does not need a new HQ
benefit from diversity and with members contrib. knowledge to network
slide of brain cells. With potential nodes waiting to be added to network.
Prespecialized cells, with a pre encoding, plus energy built in.
at any moment one of these nodes can be turned into a specialized node.
They haven't had a specific function chosen yet.

cell dividing images
blood cells, layered cells.

basic box. array of boxes.
How to arrive a starting point that will not exclude future possibilities, but will also allow the system to reach
any target as quickly as possible.

working model
series of springs in 3D. some attract/some repel
system bounces thru states and finds an equilibrium state
the node arrangement creates program relationships.
system with construction principles.
network as a whole will sense when there is an event, what the event is,
translate against program of prior events, connect to other member states.
genetic curve tested against added members

ORG learning is stored in the code of the algorhythm that generates the architecture.

self assembling building.

-- next:
testa project, carbon fiber tower
how to get agents more intelligent than just bouncing around.


EZIO- 3.18
no HQ... Look at UN
critical issues facing planet
emergence as topic-
building processes incoming information and translate to action or inaction according to
the programming of the building/org

ephemeral structures
on line component
public space

parasites:: network
hosts: form online community which would control the org
decisions: choosing action/inaction/spread of information

for example: worldwide spread of billboards readable by anyone
thinking on ephemeral structures

interface membrane
shells with realtime behavior

next: research on comm protocols
membrane design


Roland: 3.50

process thru which arch might emerge
thru interactions of agents
behavior of agents and their attendant systems
how desires might be motivated
architecture and itse desires might emerge as a single continuum
emergent systems: viruses and swarming

Villareal discussion of virus ability to carry junk DNA, and to mutate host
also partly its ability to mutate its own form
Virus as mechanism for creating the new

swarming model
exploration of flocking
bottom up system
simulation- work out how impact arch
agent simulation: agents with desires, also attractors in the system

distinguish behavioral model vs. particle model
agent behaviors. Could be programmatic
strategy for distrib. program. but more interested in non programmatic
aspect, such as carrying architectural data. Spatial typologies, material
if agents what are they agents of?
Creating new adjacencies... new program combo-hybrid?
corrupt existing orgs?
alter pub/private relationships?
localized urban mutation

test at series of scales/locations
Deleuze abstract machine
new location in range of tissues manifests in a range of ways.

tested downtown NY and also a town in India

simulations yielding a formal vocab which can be used in several ways
crruption of existing spatial organizations?
translating/mutating structure?
changing program relationships?
or, the DNA of the architecture on style/material/structural level

information/distribution of information
are cells maintiaining individ. nature or become continuous?

perhaps virus has no form of its own, but can only carry information between hosts

virus reproduction... evolution of mind and body by creating arch. in this way
perhaps the desires of these can mutate
purpose... iteration... desires and performance of system, possible to create
arch. far from its original position
removed from its aesthetic



empty lots
connecting inner spaces, spatial strategy to achieve a design of
strategy of the design process itself.

external design process

starting with arbitrary images of city
source images
- spontaneous cultural expressions
- nightlife networks
- cultural exchanges, retail
- borders- natural condition of Manhattan as island
- subway- concentration of people, mass movement
- billboards, display of info

Project distributes these six points over a matrix

each strip of programs is a 'story'

map of how programming space

strategy: separating and isolating proposals
translating into garden
the garden shows a microcosmos, reflecting a new kindo f reading of the city
the main thing an architect can offer to a New Yorker, a different perspective of their own
garden lines

3D matrix applied to generate garden

EK: the idea of a perfect degree of density and diversity in a space yielding the 'magic density'


- 5.20
Biopower-- definitions
image of political event

how to confront biopower...epidemics
are they natural or unnatural?
communications epidemics

Image of black plague
'28 days later' and the zombie problem
zombification :: communication?

brief: response unit to epidemics... but what if it actually instigated them
the mute backpacker

outbreak of silence

mobile lab which provides cure
although the system [ the instigator and the cure] are part of the same system
this is part of the fragile illusion....

consequences of power silence.
locations: city, government, conflict centers

in conflict areas, deal with physical sickness as well as silencio
the lab is like a submarine

how to set up trust... danger of real abuse in the system

under jurisdiction of UN from public POV


common territory for deterritorialized cultures
what is the framework in which the intersection of individual realities creates a new existential network?

nature of networks, types of networks
resilient, insulated, etc

fragmentation, delusion, coexistence

vito acconci project: indexing process
abramovic's work
looking inside oneself to find an other that one does not know, but that
other people can relate to

horizontal opposition of identity theft?
preservation of individuality?

Set up rules.
for every 'one' there is an opposite 'other'
social relationships are always fragmented, never continuous
control agent balances the interaction between 'one' and 'other'

Goal: to socially and spatially live, what we usually mentally think


GREGG-- 6.49

reconnaissance study; surveillance
reconcile the sense of individual within a system based on

SITE - subway at 72nd and BDWY, NYC
node/collection point

bands : base monitoring structures

IR body scans for biometrics,
surveillance cameras, etc

each zone is discontinuous, based on traffic flow
all information captured gets displayed there.
Real time snapshot of people and data gathered from surveillance

time delay so data isn't correlated directly to people passing.

there are safe zones/privacy areas

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