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This is my blog while at the MSAAD program of the GSAPP of Columbia University. 1st post came with my arrival at NYC. e-mail: eb2283@columbia.edu, ezio@otn.gr, ezioblasetti@gmail.com 

Friday, July 15, 2005

1:18 AM - City Planning and Electronics - (Urbanisme Electronique)

Zenetos, Takis Ch.

(b Athens, 1926; d Athens, 28 June 1977).

metropolis and after paper due to tuesday....
I will post in a comment my bibliography & timeline

Blogger ezio said...



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Blogger ezio said...

1926 Takis Zenetos was born in Athens
1954 He graduated the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris
1952-55 he worked in Paris in the firms of R. Lopez-M. Holley, C. Le-Coeur, J. Dubuisson-M. Jausserand, M. Migeon, Weil-Lagneau, P. Lamache
1952 he starts his study called ‘Prototype of Anti-Centre’ which will evolve to the ‘Electronic Urban Planning’ or ‘City Planning and Electronics’
1955 he returns to Athens, organizes his one office of architectural projects and transfers into Greece his experience of European modernism
1957-59/63 Project: Fix Brewery - Syngrou Ave and Frantzi St, Athens, with Margaritis Apostolidis
1957 Form of the Situationist International
1959 Project: Apartment Building at Amalias 34, Athens with M. Apostolidis
1961 Project: Private house at Xanthou 21, Glyfada, Attica
1961 first publish of Preliminary phase: ‘Prototype of Anti-centre’ Zygos (periodical)
1963 Article in the periodical Architektoniki
1963 Experimental "tele-educational" systems, U.S.A.
1963 Holography, by E.N. Leight and J. Upatnieks, MTU, U.S.A.
1964 Article in the Architectural Review
1964 Article in the Architectural Design
1964 Self-adjustment of glass partitions to light intensities, U.S.A.
1964-67 Project: Lycabettus Amphitheatre
1964-67 Project: House, Kavouri, Athens with Margaritis Apostolidis
1965"Tele-diagnosis" in pathology, George Washington Hospital, U.S.A.
1965-67 he becomes chairman of the urban -planning committee at the Greek section of UIA, a member of the delegation of the Technical Chamber of Greece and chairman of the TEE architectural department (1964-1967)
1966 First presentation of his study at the Exhibition of the Organisation of Modern Housing in Athens at the Fifth Panhellenic Architectural Congress
Director of GUITAS (Interdisciplinary Group for Research on Electronic Urbanism)
1966-67 Article in the periodial “Technika Chronika”
1966 "Tele-cultivation": ploughing through TV screen, England
1966 Transmission of visual or printed information to homes
1966 International Church "tele-convention", April
1966 Stockholders meeting through T.V., Warner Lambert Co., New York- London
1966 Artificial daylight through space sun-mirrors, U.S.A.
1967 Start of the dictatorship in Greece
1967 Article: ‘Problems of construction in Greece – The City of the Future’ Architektonika Themata, I (Architecture in Greece Editions) pp. 88–93
1967 Tele-transmission of required material through magnetic tape, Stanford University Library, U.S.A.
1968 Widespread use of electronic processing machines by replacing transistors with immediate-action crystals in mass-produced equipment, U.S.A.
1968 Medical "tele-check-up", U.S.A., U.S.S.R.
1968 May
1969 Article: ‘City Planning and Electronics’, Architektonika Themata, iii (Architecture in Greece Editions), pp. 114–25
1969 Article: ‘Furniture for Living and Working in the Year 2000 – All-purpose Furniture’ Archit. Themata, iii (Architecture in Greece Editions), pp. 294–295
1969 Publish of ‘Urbanisme Electronique – Structures Paralleles’ Architecture in Greece Editions, Athens
1969–76 Project: the school building on Papagou and Thrasyvoulou Streets, Agios Dimitrios, Attica
1970 Article: ‘City Planning and Electronics’ Archit. Themata, iv (Architecture in Greece Editions), pp. 59–60
1972 Dissolve of the Situationist International
1973 Project: the Bravo Coffee Mill at Kifissou 100, Aigaleo, Attica (with Elias G. Biris and Maria Melidoni)
1973 Article: ‘Town Planning and Electronics’, Archit. Themata, vii (Arch. In Greece Editions), pp. 112–119
1973 Student’s Revolt in Athens
1974 Article: ‘Town Planning and Electronics’, Archit. Themata, viii (Arch. in Greece), pp. 122–135
1977 He died in Athens. (committed suicide)  

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