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This is my blog while at the MSAAD program of the GSAPP of Columbia University. 1st post came with my arrival at NYC. e-mail: eb2283@columbia.edu, ezio@otn.gr, ezioblasetti@gmail.com 

Monday, November 21, 2005

3:53 PM - 1st advanced architecture contest

Honorable mention at the 1st advanced architecture contest made by Iaac.
iaacat weblog
competition results

Blogger ezio said...

main topics of the project

Athens: single habiting unit in apartment building

House: mechanism of habitation

Deep inside the organism “house” lays an autopoetic core that identifies itself every moment through chaotic intersections of various elements. This sense of the autopoetic core and the element of nature are the main certainties.

Autopoetic core / network / skin / nature
The act of dwell comprised of four dependent to each other elements.
Autopoetic core is the substance that exists far before the realization of a dwelling.
Network, refers to water electricity, sewerage and information.
Skin, refers to the membrane that separates inside/outside, private/communal ect. The skin of the building produces electricity for the building.
Nature, virtual of physical reference to the concept of nature.

Urban “clime” and favorable micro clime

Place: city of Athens / Greece
Site: void
Clime: sun
Time: the flown time


The concept is to research towards two directions space sufficiency and energy sufficiency.
The house is an organism in progress. The need in space and energy is connected to time.
A self sufficient house provides
Space sufficiency: the building can provide changeable space in low cost manner in order to satisfy the alternative needs that generate through time.
Energy sufficiency: the building producing (some of) the energy it needs in quite clean manner, with no fuel cost or large equipment.

Designing strategy

“Our habitats no longer consist of single or contiguous enclosures, but have become increasingly fragmented and dispersed. They are no longer bounded by walls but by the reach of the networks.”


The skin has a dual meaning and demand to redeem: space mutation and energy supply.

the project Flexible systems with real-time behavior - parasites for the Athenian poli-katikia have been made by OTN team: Blasetti Ezio, Xanthopoulos Pavlos, Zindrou Ioulietta  

Blogger Nummer 5 said...

congratulation! :-)


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