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This is my blog while at the MSAAD program of the GSAPP of Columbia University. 1st post came with my arrival at NYC. e-mail: eb2283@columbia.edu, ezio@otn.gr, ezioblasetti@gmail.com 

Thursday, June 16, 2005

8:23 PM - Ed Keller's notes on the handshake presentation Part 2


TONY- 2.20

biopower as RE: monitoring and maintaining equilibrium
communication network
roaming populations and physical access to nodes

people as packets
redist. of data
people as infrastruct.

heterotopia: displacement
time not of one's own

theatres, prototypes of the heterotopia
projection of alternative realities
global theatre, global information network.
infrastructure which already contains people. Subway systems, sic.

how to use flow in network to redistrib. experiences from nonlocal events

theatre types.
scales, types

existing subway
information tied to other network systems distributed onto subway platform
information tied to place [ locative media]
time delay on recordings on site

'Calculate a future action...'

maybe ready to go beyond the subway alone. Public spaces; not just global network for communication,
but also possibly refuge. Can we be too exposed to things.


IAN- 3.03

imperialist vs. empire mode
acupuncture on a body
network of fields and vectors
architectural intervention is the 'needle'
self similarity across scales

transnational org
generic combo of modular units

modes of deployment: land/sea/air
inflected modularity
same family but different functions
accumulated history
chesslike set of spatial configs.

the pin/needle
regulating info flow: either adds turbulence and increases outcomes, or

knots become regulator types
testing in case study: Red Tide Algae
offshore territories
superimposition of acupuncture map onto land/sea map
how to deploy modules near a political boundary
buoys, etc.
buoy; NATO; Red Cross; Tourism/social flows

base structure as a kind of tensegrity mat which flexes and responds to environ



Voronoi diagrams
diagram of infected cells in body, the interconnection between cells
how cells have their way of acting-
in infection cells have influence over a particular area.
area of influence

voronoi map of macdonalds restaurants in SF
zone of area of influence
also same map in an installation with people moving on a field

translation into 3D; delaunay triangulation

world map - network- lab in various countries.
Installation a series of events DNA detection
detecting diseases, etc
next step- ability to move inside one's own body
next step- predictive mapping- what will happen ten generations forward or back.

installation in places like times square, columbia Quad



how such a small entity can affect a larger one
virus entering cell, life cycle of virus
several methods to enter cell. Loses cover, touches host cell, releases RNA,
then reforms cover, leaves cell.
other method, loses cover when inside host

diagram of virus taking over cell

UN HQ in NYC as site
UN system hierarchy breakdown;
UN WHO as host. Health organization.
merging MSF, CDC, etc
research facility, also helping to make people aware of worldwide health problems.

project attached to UN;
fragments of buildings, each with some program
within them a virus which alters program within building, enhances it
act together with other buildings
as a virus it doesn't know where you are going, not a direct path
also spreads in landscape.

research facility, labs with incubation
auditorium with reception
gallery with offices

tourism part important
this creating path thru building

enters building in two ways.
hits existing building, loses shell and then infecting building
other way, it is a new building, so virus affects form

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