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This is my blog while at the MSAAD program of the GSAPP of Columbia University. 1st post came with my arrival at NYC. e-mail: eb2283@columbia.edu, ezio@otn.gr, ezioblasetti@gmail.com 

Monday, February 06, 2006

2:11 PM - Unnatural Selecion

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems very interesting process. I am really interested in architectural research by the use of natural patterns.
Is scale on of your major concerns for this project or you are approaching it as scale less fractals?  

Blogger Nummer 5 said...

hmmmm... i don't know...
i guess i am looking forward to see the results though i am a bit doubtful about the why and how.

i wish you success, let's see what comes out of it. i hope you don't stop at creating form for forms sake and that the formulated goal will be visible in the product without a lot of explanation, that would be a success of the concept in my eyes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

huge dis·ap·point·ment.  

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